The Stoners Handbook

The Stoner’s Handbook is a guide to help new (and old) marijuana enthusiast better understand the cannabis code. These are not a set of rules that must be followed, just common etiquette. Any tip with the (RS) tag means it has been submitted by follow stoners.


Getting high should be an enjoyable time. If at any point you start feeling like its not then it is time to take a break or find some new people to burn with.

2. Find A FriEnt

Find yourself a frient, a friend who also enjoys marijuana. While its not terrible to smoke alone it can be so much more fun when you have someone to chat with.

3. Know Your Limits

Everyone has their limits and its important to know yours. No, you can’t over dose and die from weed but you can indeed get too high and thats not not a pleasant experience. If you feel pressured to keep going then its time to revisit #2.

4. Bring A Lighter

While its not the end of the world if you don’t remember yours, having your own lighter can be a huge advantage. Plus if everyone brings a lighter then no one has to worry about lighter thieves.

5. Puff, Puff, Pass

This is one of the most important things to remember when smoking with a group. Take your hit and pass it on, no one likes a bud hog.

6. Pass To The Left

Tradition is to pass to the left but in reality it does not matter what way it starts off, just don’t mess up the pattern.

7. Real Stoners Don’t Wait For 4:20

While it can be fun to hit that magical 4:20 on the dot its not always worth waiting for. If you feel like smoking then smoke, you don’t have to wait for 4:20.

8. Sharing Is Caring

Smoking can be a great social event with lots of people bringing in different strains. Don’t be a mooch, try and alternate bowls with everyone and if you don’t have any then try and make sure you throw in the next time you do.

9. Just Say NO To Cashed Bowls

If you get passed a bowl that’s clearly cashed feel free to pass. No one wants a Scooby Snack. (RS)

10. Clear The Chamber

If you had been holding onto the pipe/bong for a minute and you didn’t clear the chamber then it is going to be full of stale smoke, and no one likes stale smoke. So try and make sure to clear it before passing it on.

11. Respect The Circle

What happens in the smoking circle stays in the smoking circle. Most people don’t really like everyone else in the world knowing they smoke, so if you smoke with someone ok it with them before you mention to anyone else that they smoke. Same goes with dealers, just because someone may have dropped you a bag does not mean everyone else you smoke with needs to know who you got it from.

12. Be Upfront If You Get Weird While Smoking

Everyone handles weed different and some smokers can get terrible anxiety attacks if they smoke too much, others might get really hyper or what ever else. If you know you might get a little weird make sure to warn someone just incase you get to that point. (RS)

13. Get A Playlist

Choosing a good playlist can set the mood for your entire toking session. Try and find a genre that would be mutually agreed upon by everyone in the circle. Check out our Tokin Tunes playlist for ideas!

14. Change The Bong Water

Why would you not? Nothing is better than the first hit out of a cold, clean bong. It’s simple and quick to do plus keeps your bong looking nice and the hits tasting good.

15. Don’t Slobber

There is nothing worse then getting passed a joint to realize the end is all wet and slobbery. Out of consideration of other make sure your not slobbering all over the joint, blunt, or whatever you happen to be smoking on.

16. Sick? Don’t Share

If you are sick then don’t just jump in on the rotation. Not everyone else is going to want your illness so make sure to ask first.

17. Check Your Lap

Its happened to the best of us, you put your piece down and forget its there then stand up and ganga and glass go flying everywhere. To avoid this try and get into the habit of checking your surroundings before standing. (RS)

18. Don’t Stop The Circle

Similar to #5 Puff, Puff, Pass this one leans more towards those who get so caught up telling a story the joint either burns up or goes out before it gets passed on. Just hit that shit and pass it on before continuing your story. (RS)

19. Learn To Roll

You can't really call yourself a stoner untill you know how to roll a joint. It doesn't have to be pretty, just functional!

(page will be updated regularly)