There are a lot of questions regarding marijuana from a wide range of categories. Over time we will add and answer as many questions as possible.

Q. Has anyone ever died from marijuana?

A. In all recorded history no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose.

Q. How much is too much?

A. This depends on the person, a regular smoker is going to be able to consume more than a person who only partakes once in awhile. While you can’t overdose on weed you can get too high and that is a very uncomfortable place to be. Take breaks between bowls to let the THC kick in before sparking up again, this will keep you from accidentally consuming more than you can handle.

Q. Difference between joint and blunt?

A. The difference between joins and blunts is the wrapping that is used when rolled. Blunts use tobacco paper like cigars and joints use regular rolling papers. Learn More Here