To grind or not to grind?

To grind or not to grind? This has been the question of many stoners over the years. Some feel its unneeded and a waste of time while others won’t load a bowl without a quick grind.


I find grinding to be a situational need, if rolling a blunt or joint it helps to have your leaf ground up for a smoother more even burn. If loading a pipe or bong there is less need for actually grinding it up but your still going to have to finger pick it apart.

I spent years just fingerpicking my buds apart before investing in a grinder and it works, but after making the switch you will notice a lot better burn. When the bud is ground up there is more surface area to ignite while fingerpicking will leave you with smaller clumps, these little bud mounds seem to burn a little slower which can be a good thing but it does not burn as evenly. Another problem the occasional fingerpicker can have is cloggage, while it can happen with even the finest grinds we find that bud which has been picked apart, can still have bigger clumps that have a tendency to get sucked into the hole of some bowls while someone is taking a hit, making the draw feel impossibly hard.

In the end it really just comes down to personal preference. So what’s your preference… to grind or not to grind?

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